Cowboys 7-round mock draft: Dak Prescott traded and rebuild begins

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys round 5, pick 160: McKinnley Jackson

Dallas sends a sixth and seventh rounder to move up 14 spots so they can select and important cog in their defensive machine. As the roster stands today, the Cowboys are without a proven run-stuffer in the middle. With weight gain Mazi Smith could be the answer but banking on him jumping into that role in 2024 may be reckless.  

Jackson, 6-foot-1, 326-pounds, will help add size to the Dallas interior. LBs don’t matter much if the big guys up front can’t keep blockers off them so it’s imperative the Cowboys find a girthy 1-tech at some point in the draft.

Jackson is a one-dimensional DT who has a quick first step and long reach. He’s technically unrefined and will need coaching to reach his potential but could be a rotational piece early.

Cowboys round 7, pick 233: CB Chigozie Anusiem

Teams are drafting traits late on Day 3 and Anusiem has traits coming out of his ears. The 6-foot-1, 200-pound CB from Colorado State has 32-inch arms, 79-inch wingspan and 4.39 speed. What he doesn’t have is actual ball production.

Anusiem is seventh round pick for a reason. The 24-year-prospect has never been able to apply his physical tools with on field production. He lacks a feel for game in space and struggles locating the ball. He’s a physical player with tackling skills and press ability but he struggles in off coverage.

On the Cowboys he’ll likely be used situationally as a boundary CB or possibly cross trained at safety while he plays special teams.

Tools for the rebuild

The Cowboys cut salary from the books and acquired multiple top picks in 2025 to facilitate a potential trade up in 2025. If Trey Lance surprises and looks like a legit franchise QB in 2024, the Cowboys could re-sign him or flip him for more picks just like they did with Prescott.
Prescott would have to approve a trade but as long as the new team meets his salary demands there's no reason to think he wouldn't.

None of this is ideal but it's making the best of a bad situation. If the Cowboys don't intend on paying Prescott before the season, trade options should be explored or else they risk losing him for nothing on the open market.

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