Cowboys 7-round 2024 mock draft: Filling holes and spreading the wealth

Wyoming v Texas
Wyoming v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Round 2: Pick, 64: RB Jonathon Brooks

It may not make much sense to draft a RB in the first two rounds of a draft anymore since most of the top ones are found outside the top-100, but the Cowboys have an infatuation with bell cow RBs and they don’t last.

In this scenario the Cowboys trade picks 56 to Chiefs for Picks 64 and 95. Trey Benson is off the board for anyone wondering and the not-so-secret object of Dallas’ affection is staring them right in their face at pick 64.

The Cowboys have been scouting Brooks heavily and Dan Cooper, Dallas’ team physician, did Brooks’ surgery so no one knows the situation better than the Cowboys.

Injury aside, Brooks is the best RB prospect in this draft class. The 6-foot 216-pound RB from Texas is a complete back. He’s a plus pass catcher and pass protector. He has quick feet, patience and speed allowing him to fit a variety of schemes.

On the Cowboys Brooks would fit all situations. He can play inside and wide zone with the ability to handle short yardage as well. His pass protection ability makes him a great third down option and assuming he’s fully healthy by camp, he should be a plug-and-play starter at RB in Dallas