Cowboys 53-man roster prediction: The 2024 all-potential team

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Offensive line (10): Tyler Guyton, Tyler Smith, Cooper Beebe, Zack Martin, Terence Steele, Asim Richards, T.J. Bass, Matt Waletzko, Nathan Thomas, Earl Bostick

Obviously the three rookies get roster spots. When talking potential, no one packs the punch as a complete unknown. Guyton joins the team as a high-risk/high reward OT. If he assumes his potential, he’ll be a great pick. If he stays at what he is, he’ll be a bust. Beebe has an extremely high ceiling with his position move to OC, because his weakest trait, arm length, is minimized in the middle. Steele is still a high potential player provided he can finally overcome his 2022 injury.

Martin may be on the downslope but it’s still higher than any prospect can dream of reaching. Bass is a reserve with starter potential. Thomas, the rookie, is a developmental player moving inside. He has size that can’t be taught.

Waletzko needs to overcome injuries that have hampered him the last two seasons but packs a huge punch as far as potential. He has fantastic length and movement skill and could play a variety of roles including OT. Richards looks like an OT as well and could be insurance to either of the starters. Earl Bostick is a fun longshot who packs quite the punch as a developmental prospect. He has starter athletic ability, he just needs development

Missing the cut are Chuma Edoga and Brock Hoffman. Hoffman would normally make team this season because of the floor he brings to the OC position. But his skillset limits his ceiling so he
doesn’t make it here. Edoga has been a poor player at every stage of his career so it’s difficult understanding why Dallas signed him in the first place, let alone making his case in potential anymore.

Total Offense: 26