Cowboys 53-man roster prediction before training camp: Prioritizing potential

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Special Teams (3) Bryan Anger, Brandon Aubrey, Trent Sieg

No major surprises on special teams and at this point, no difference between making safe roster decisions and making decisions based on potential. Anger is locked in as the veteran and there isn’t a viable challenger who can change that.

Trent Sieg is the newest flavor at long snapper who’s also both the safest and highest potential. While Brandon Aubrey, the Dallas Cowboys’ newest signing from the USFL has the highest ceiling as well as the most accomplished professional record.

If both Aubrey and Tristen Vizcaino struggle in camp, the Cowboys could bring in a veteran like Mason Crosby but that wouldn’t be a move to maximize potential – rather to avoid disaster.

Dallas Cowboys Roster Wrap-up

As explained throughout, this roster prediction is made with a focus on high-potential players. Not every move was a swing for the fences but if the battle was tight, the benefit went to the player with the highest ceiling.

Things will change quickly once training camp begins later in the month. Roster projections are ever-changing, and one move can have a butterfly effect throughout.

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