A perfect Cowboys draft target who is not talked about enough

Dallas has many obvious holes to fill on the roster, but going against the grain for one prospect could prove more beneficial.
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The Dallas Cowboys are not necessarily in shambles right now, but they might be close to it. With many holes that need to be filled during the NFL Draft, their backs are against the wall. Yet, there is one prospect who is not getting enough attention but could have the biggest impact for Dallas.

Enter, Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean.

The Cowboys' offense in 2024 might not be as lethal as it's been over the years. With a questionable rushing attack (whether or not a rookie RB is selected), there might not be a balance within the offense. Being one of the leagues' highest scoring teams again will be easier said than done.

Perhaps, defense will be the team's biggest strength. As a result, Mike Zimmer could use a game-changing player like DeJean.

Cowboys should consider taking Cooper DeJean in 2024 NFL Draft

While deemed a defensive back, DeJean's versatility gives him the ability to make an impact from the safety or corner spots.

A do-it-all type of player, DeJean's ball skills, athleticism, speed and will to impact the game in a variety of way make him a first-round lock. DeJean has great instincts and is seemingly one-step ahead of the offense at all times.

When you DeJean's tape, it's clear he can guard any type of receiver thanks to his quickness and recovery speed. Rarely is DeJean beat deep, but when it happens, he has the ability to re-engage and be disruptive in some way. He has the potential to be elite in zone coverage from day one.

In 2023, DeJean tallied 41 tackles, five passes defended and two interceptions. The Iowa star was also a force in the punt return game, returning one for a touchdown early in the year. You can say that his sophomore year in 2022 was his best as amassed 56 tackles, eight passes defended and five interceptions, including three returned for touchdowns.

Having played most of his senior season as a cornerback, DeJean's ability to stand out as a safety, is what Dallas needs in 2024. Malik Hooker and Donovan Wilson make up the starting safety spots, but both players are 29 years old and entering their sixth and seventh seasons, respectively. DeJean would bring youth and give the Cowboys the means to move on from one of their vets in the near future.

Likely, DeJean will not move to cornerback unless injury plagues this already dynamic corner-duo with Trevon Diggs and DaRon Bland. Luckily, if DeJean needed to play in that position, he can be just as productive.

A Diggs-Bland-DeJean-led defensive backfield would be scary to go up against. The Cowboys can go a variety of different ways with the No. 24 overall pick, but DeJean would make a nice name for himself in Dallas.

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