Anonymous coach blasts Cowboys’ first-round pick Tyler Guyton with wild theory

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It would be harsh for Dallas Cowboys fans to have issue with how the team performed in the NFL Draft. All eyes were on what the Cowboys would do in round one and they passed the test with flying colors by trading back five spots and still getting their left tackle of the future in Tyler Guyton.

Many mock drafts had Dallas taking Guyton with their original No. 24 pick. The fact they moved back and still got him at No. 29 alone is brilliant. Throw in the fact that they selected a likely day one starter in guard/center Cooper Beebe with the third-round pick acquired in the trade and fans really couldn't ask for more.

The Cowboys could have went a number of directions with the 29th pick. Some top cornerbacks were still available, as was Texas wide receiver Adonai Mitchell. They could have stayed put at 24 and taken Missouri defensive lineman Darius Robinson or Duke tackle Graham Barton.

Like most first-round picks, Guyton will have doubters. That comes with the territory of being drafted high, but one anonymous college coach was so critical of Guyton's game to the point that he posed a wild theory as to why the Cowboys drafted him.

College coach blasts Cowboys first-round pick Tyler Guyton

"He [Guyton] never played at TCU, he was not an every-down player at Oklahoma last year, and he's drafted in the first round," a Big 12 coach said of Guyton, via ESPN. "That's because he's long. It really is crazy. People think if you're long and athletic, they can coach the rest."

That's extremely harsh on Guyton, especially when you consider that Georgia offensive tackle Amarius Mims didn't have vast starting experience at the college level, either. A towering presence and freakish athlete like Guyton, Mims was drafted No. 18 overall by the Bengals.

Length and athleticism are two of the most desirable traits an offensive lineman can have. That's obvious, but Guyton brings more to the table, including incredible footwork. He's also explosive off the snap, which allows him to contend with bendy edge rushers.

In the NFL, "the rest" can be coached up. The Cowboys have a strong track record of developing offensive linemen. Furthermore, their batting average on first-round linemen is as good as any team in the league.

Guyton isn't a finished product as a player. Far from it. But Dallas clearly believes it can mold the former Sooner into a high-end player. To imply that he was drafted solely because of his length and athleticism is insulting and unfair. He isn't the first "project" to get taken in round one and he won't be the last.

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