AJ Brown lashes out, Philly fans ‘Cry Eagles Cry’ after loss to Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys were the brunt of every punchline from NFL media and fans following their horrifying loss in Buffalo on Sunday. Normally, the jokes and criticism would span until the Cowboys' next game, but the spotlight lasted all of 24 hours after the Philadelphia Eagles choked away a win on Monday night.

The Eagles were in the driver's seat leading 17-10 in the fourth quarter before Jalen Hurts tossed two interceptions in the final 10 minutes, including the game-ender on a deep shot intended for A.J. Brown, to propel the Seahawks comeback.

With the loss, Philadelphia all but conceded the No. 1 seed to the 49ers, and they've given the Cowboys life in the NFC East race. Based on the reaction from Eagles fans on social media, though, you wouldn't know this is a 10-4 team that already clinched a playoff berth.

The highlights? Folks calling for Nick Sirianni's job, asking (demanding) James Bradberry to leave town and beginning to turn on Jalen Hurts.

The whiny reaction prompted a response from A.J. Brown, who put a fan in their place in going to bat for his quarterback.

AJ Brown lashes out, Philly fans "Cry Eagles Cry" on social media after loss to Seahawks.

You never want to see a player go after his own fan base. Did this particular Eagles fan have this coming with their know-it-all analysis? Perhaps, but Brown should know better than to direct anger at a disappointed fan base. He ... does not know better, it would seem, as his reply tweet suggests he's fed up with fans.

Brown called out the hypocrisy within the fan base, which he feels is hunky dory when he's making plays but critical when Hurts misses other open receivers when targeting Brown, like the QB did on the game-losing interception when he had Kenneth Gainwell with acres of space to potentially get into field goal range.

There's no love lost in the CIty of Brotherly Love right now, that's for sure.

Fresh off leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance and a third straight appearance in the postseason, Sirianni is already losing popularity among fans. As a matter of fact, fire everyone! Because, why not, right?

It doesn't stop there.

Have to give them credit for gutting through that tough season 11 years ago. No mention of six playoff berths in the last seven years, though.

All after a three-game losing streak to drop to 10-4. You'd think the Eagles just lost their seventh straight game to blow the division. They actually still control their own destiny in the NFC East and could still nab the No. 2 seed if they run the table to end the year.

And we thought Cowboys fans were being dramatic after Sunday's loss in Buffalo for demanding Micah Parsons to move to linebacker.

A tale of two fan bases, we suppose.

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