8 attractive free agents for Cowboys after Jerry Jones' 'all-in' promise

Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts
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Wide Receiver

Michael Pittman Jr. - Indianapolis Colts
PFF Overall Grade: 27th out of 128 Wide Receivers

If we're going all in then let's do it, the first receiver on my list is the top receiver for the Colt, Michael Pittman Jr. I know the Cowboys are going to be looking to pay CeeDee Lamb this offseason but they can't just hope that they are able to keep Brandin Cooks around to help, they need another young receiver that can come in and help this passing attack, one not named Michael Gallup. Pittman Jr. isn't a burner but this offense isn't predicated on having speeders on the outside as much as it focuses on route running and timing.

His ability to beat his man off the line of scrimmage and run crisp routes paired with Lamb and Cooks would be a deadly combination for this Cowboys passing attack. It would also give the Cowboys a passing attack that can go up against any defense in the league.

Darnell Mooney - Chicago Bears
PFF Overall Grade: 107th out of 128 Wide Receivers

Don't let the PFF grade fool you, Mooney is a very good receiver who has been in a run-first offense while with the Bears. If allowed to be in a more consistent passing game, he would be much higher on their list. Unlike Pittman Jr., Mooney does have the speed to get behind defenders along with the ability to get open on the more intermediate routes and finding holes in zone coverages. Mooney would be a better option than Gallup who just seems to have lost a few steps since his torn ACL and the Cowboys can't wait for him to regain his confidence and need to move on.

Mooney would give them that option at a fraction of the cost that they are paying Gallup to catch one or two passes a game. This move would be a no-brainer in my book and the fact that you wouldn't have to break the bank to do it is even better.

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