7 teams that can steal Dan Quinn away from the Cowboys in 2024

Teams could be lined up to steal Dan Quinn in 2024
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
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6. New England Patriots

This one might seem far-fetched, but the smoke surrounding Bill Belichick potentially leaving in the 2024 offseason has got to be coming from somewhere, right?

There have been pretty persistent rumors that Belichick and the Patriots could part ways in 2024, but the right candidate would have to be available to the Pats. Of course, they could be grooming Jerod Mayo to take over for Belichick, but Dan Quinn would be an outstanding option for them as well.

Even though they've had a bad year in 2023, the Patriots have still played well defensively and could be a big draw on that side of the ball for a prospective head coach like Quinn.

7. Washington Commanders

Not that Dan Quinn will jump at the first opportunity to start going up against the Dallas Cowboys twice per year, but the Washington Commanders are under new management and could back up the Brinck's truck and offer a new head coach candidate whatever they want.

That could certainly be enticing for Dan Quinn, especially because the Commanders aren't devoid of talent right now. It would be a tough ask to jump to another team in the NFC East, however, considering how great both the Cowboys and Eagles have been lately.


Still, the Commanders -- especially with their familiarity with Quinn as an opponent -- will almost undoubtedly make a run here if they move off of Ron Rivera.

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