5 unexpected free agent signings Dallas Cowboys could still make happen

Could the Dallas Cowboys still go after any unexpected free agents in 2023?
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2. Kenny Golladay, WR

This idea has certainly been floated out there before because Kenny Golladay obviously has familiarity with the NFC East division but he also has potentially a huge advocate on the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff. That advocate would be wide receivers coach Robert Prince, who was Golladay's position coach during his best years with the Detroit Lions.

Even with sporadic production, Golladay has been a big-play threat for his entire NFL career, averaging over 16 yards per reception on 226 career catches. That's a big sample size and it's enough to lead me to believe that, at the age of 29 going on 30, Golladay could still help a team like the Cowboys.

What I like about this signing is the fact that Golladay doesn't have to come in with a defined role. He doesn't have to be the WR1 or WR2 or even WR3. He would be an additional weapon for a group that lacks clarity beyond the top three.

Now, the Cowboys do have some exciting young players at the position worth investing in like Jalen Tolbert, but why not let a guy like Golladay come in and push those guys in the preseason? At this point, Golladay is a reclamation project and would come at virtually no cost compared to obviously what he signed for as a free agent with the Giants.

After adding Brandin Cooks, I wouldn't mind seeing the Cowboys fortify that WR depth and reunite Golladay with Prince, just to see what might happen in the preseason.