5 trade targets that would make Cowboys Super Bowl contenders

Which trade targets would make the Cowboys Super Bowl contenders in 2024?

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5. Trade for Raiders WR Davante Adams

Davante Adams is about to enter his third season with the Las Vegas Raiders already, and it doesn't seem like things are going the way either of them had expected up to this point.

Adams is still playing at an extremely high level, but he is going to be 32 this coming season and the clock is ticking.

There were rumors last year that the New York Jets actually tried to reunite Adams with his old pal Aaron Rodgers, but the Raiders didn't bite. I think now that they have time to reset the puzzle and look at all of the pieces, they might see that trading Adams makes a ton of sense.

The Raiders could probably get at least a second-round pick for Adams with the way that he's playing. For a receiver who may or may not want to be there this coming season, and someone who is going to be 32 this year, that presents them with an interesting dilemma. If the Raiders are changing quarterbacks and going young as a roster, maximizing return on investment with Adams makes all the sense in the world.

And for a Cowboys team that is looking to re-sign CeeDee Lamb in the near future, acquiring a player like Adams who has already signed a long-term deal makes more sense than acquiring someone like Jerry Jeudy or Brandon Aiyuk, who would also need new contracts very soon.

Making the financials work with a potential Davante Adams trade to Dallas isn't a deal-breaker, either. Players restructure deals to kick the can down the road all the time, and especially if the Cowboys can get an extension done with Dak Prescott, they'll have ultimate flexibility. I think Dallas would be foolish not to throw a second-round pick (or more) at the Raiders to try and pair up CeeDee Lamb with Davante Adams.

Can you imagine?

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