5 things the Cowboys must do to get back into contention after playoff failure

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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5. Keep the foot on the pedal

The Cowboys have held many hefty offensive records over the years, but lets be realistic about something. Most of those have happened against medorice opponents.

However even when they are in close games and are on fire in games, there are times where they have took there foot off the gas. If you can score 50 plus, score 50 plus, you have to think that way in this league these days.

With history showing that you might need to lean on one side of the ball in big games to win, then the offense scoring in bunches is key. Banking on the defensive unit is not always safe (defense lost them most games), so it is up to the offense to flourish, as they are seemingly the most consitant of the two sides.

Coach McCarthy has stressed the need to be conservative during games in the past, but the Cowboys cannot play this way anymore, especially when the whole team has there backs against the wall and are trying to prove something.

McCarthy has had many highs this year calling plays. He also had many times during the year where head-scratching calls were made and it was usually when he tried to do too much or be too conservative at the worst times. The Cowboys have to do whatever they can to win games next season and march into the post-season looking to rewrite history. If played correctly, chances are that Prescott, Lamb, Ferguson, quality backfield and a healthy offensive line can do just that.

In the end, Dallas and their fans have to wipe the tears off and prepare for next season. They need to find every poster or plaque that they took off their mancave walls after the Wild Card loss, and rehang them, because you cannot stop believing.

For the Cowboys it is time to regroup and look for ways to get better in all phases. The talent is there, they just need to play their best when it matters most.

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