5 things Cowboys must do to make the Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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4. Cowboys must choose one offensive philosophy and stick to it.

On the surface, the Cowboys' offensive game plan seemed to be working last season. The offense had a few hiccups here and there but for the most part was one of the best in the league. Behind closed doors, though, the direction the head coach and offensive coordinator wanted to go seemed to be at odds.

Now that former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has left for greener pastures with the Chargers, head coach Mike McCarthy is now at the helm and promoted Brian Schottenheimer to offensive coordinator. That's all well and good, but they need to settle on one offensive scheme and not try and mold their two visions together the way McCarthy and Moore tried to do.

4. The Air Coryell Offense Scheme

An offense that is a mix of vertical passing and power running.

5. The West Coast Offense Scheme

A ball-control offense that featured short passes and quick slanting pass routes by receivers and running backs.

Both men do like passing plays where their quarterback is able to hit receivers on the move in order to pick up yards after the catch and they both do like running the football to setup the play-action passing game so they have the foundation to build a successful offense. We just have to hope that they are able to agree on what plays to call in certain situations and the personnel that can execute it.