5 players who are definitely entering their last year with Cowboys

These players won't likely be back in 2025...
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4. DeMarcus Lawrence, edge

DeMarcus Lawrence is a four-time Pro Bowl selection for the Dallas Cowboys who could be one of the next veteran casualties of the team's salary cap situation. We saw longtime Cowboys starter Tyron Smith depart in the 2024 offseason for the New York Jets, and we could see Lawrence bolt in 2025 when he will turn 33 years old.

The Cowboys have sort of put the writing on the wall with this one. Not only do they have to get a deal done to keep Micah Parsons around for the long-term, but the Cowboys also have former second-round picks Sam Williams and Marshawn Kneeland on the roster. The selection of Kneeland, in particular, could give us our best indicator yet that the team intends to move on from Lawrence next offseason when it has the chance.

5. Eric Kendricks, linebacker

It feels like the reason Eric Kendricks is in Dallas this year is very simple -- he's got a long history with Mike Zimmer. The Cowboys are breaking in a new defensive coordinator, and it's always helpful for new defensive coordinators to have de facto coaches on the field in order to communicate the defense and keep everyone in position.

But Eric Kendricks is a grizzled veteran at this point. He will turn 33 next February and while he could probably still play at a high enough level, it wouldn't be shocking to see the Cowboys decide to get younger and cheaper at the off-ball linebacker position.

Kendricks was a second-round pick back in 2015 and he has put together an impressive eight straight seasons with over 100 total tackles. He should be productive for the Cowboys this season, but whether or not he gets a second year in Dallas will likely come down to price and the availability of younger players who could come in and start.

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