5 offseason moves that are making the Cowboys look like geniuses

What offseason moves are paying off huge for the Dallas Cowboys?
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4. Trading for WR Brandin Cooks

Although it doesn't look like Brandin Cooks is going to be able to top 1,000 receiving yards for his fifth different NFL franchise, he's been a strong addition to the Dallas Cowboys roster.

Cooks is averaging over 13 yards per reception with the Cowboys this season, something he hasn't done since 2020. He's got five touchdown receptions (at the time of this post being written) and with just two more touchdown catches, would tie the most he's had since 2017 with the Patriots.

The Cowboys landed Cooks for the price of just a 5th-round pick in 2023 and a sixth-round pick in 2024. Although his status for next season is up in the air, I think what he does in this playoff stretch will go a long way to proving just how genius this move was for the Cowboys in the offseason.

5. Convincing Dan Quinn to pull his name from head coach consideration

We know there's not a salary cap on coaches in the NFL, and therefore we can assume the Dallas Cowboys are paying Dan Quinn a hefty sum to be their defensive coordinator. Most people felt like Quinn would be one-and-done as the Cowboys' defensive coordinator, especially after the job he did turning that unit around.


Well, we're three years in at this point, and with Quinn in the driver's seat of Dallas's defense, that unit has really thrived. Not just in terms of statistical production, but player development, which is most important of all. The Cowboys convincing Quinn to stick around is a move that could drastically impact their Super Bowl aspirations.

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