5 moves the Cowboys can make to free up $70 million in cap space

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4 and 3. Restructure Trevon Diggs ($7.89 million) and Zack Martin ($12.92 million)

The Cowboys signed Trevon Diggs to a five-year, $97 million extension last summer. Diggs responded by playing at an All-Pro level before tearing his ACL in Week 3. His extension doesn't kick in until next season, however, and he'll account for a $15.36 million cap hit as a result.

That's more than palatable for a player of Diggs' caliber, but Dallas already reportedly plans to restructure Diggs' contract, according to ESPN's Todd Archer. Doing so would free up nearly $8 million on the cap. That could allow the front office to splurge on a marquee free agent or make two low-profile signings.

All-Pro guard Zack Martin is another restructure candidate, per Archer. Such a move would free up an extra $12.92 million A double restructure of Diggs and Martin would net the Cowboys an extra $20 million in cap space. That alone would give Dallas the flexibility to extend multiple players and make a blockbuster signing or trade.

An added bonus? Depending on the terms of the restructure, it could ensure that Martin is back for the 2025 season. If nothing else, it would increase the odds of Martin spending two more seasons with the Cowboys.