5 former Cowboys thriving with their new teams in 2023

Some former Dallas Cowboys players are balling out in 2023...
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1. Connor McGovern, OG (Buffalo Bills)

The Dallas Cowboys have done a pretty solid job of developing offensive linemen over the last 10 years, and it hasn't mattered if the players were first-round picks, undrafted free agents, or anything in between. One of the players who obviously developed well in Dallas was former Cowboys interior lineman Connor McGovern.

By the way, can we just acknowledge once again how shocking it is that there are two interior offensive linemen in the NFL right now that share this name? What are the odds...

At any rate, McGovern was a third-round pick of the Cowboys back in 2019, and he wound up getting placed on IR early in his rookie season and didn't get any playing time until year two. He started 14 games for Dallas between 2020 and 2021, but got a chance to earn his free agent contract with Buffalo when Dallas started him for 15 games in 2022.


McGovern landed a three-year deal worth over $22 million with the Buffalo Bills and has been doing a great job for them in the first 10 games of the year as a starting guard. He's played over 600 total snaps this season and has allowed just one sack.

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