5 former Cowboys thriving with their new teams in 2023

Some former Dallas Cowboys players are balling out in 2023...
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2. Greg Zuerlein, K (Jets)

Although a lot of people like to make fun of college kickers these days, it's pretty crazy to see how many teams have struggled to find consistency in the NFL at the kicker position over the last couple of years.

The Dallas Cowboys, unfortunately, had a major debacle at this position in the 2022-23 postseason, when Brett Maher missed about 68 extra points in a row after making 91 percent of his field goals during the season.

The Cowboys found themselves in a similar situation as many other teams in the 2023 offseason: looking for a new kicker. They seem to have found one in Brandon Aubrey, but it wasn't that long ago that the Cowboys had Greg Zuerlein on their roster, and maybe they should have just stuck with him.

Kickers are a lot like relief pitchers in baseball. Guys go through streaks of being hot and cold, and oftentimes a reliever with a high ERA in one city will go to the next and be dominant. Kickers who go through a funk in one NFL city will oftentimes get cut, land elsewhere, and suddenly figure things out.

Zuerlein has been basically the only source of consistent "offense" for the New York Jets this season, and has made 22 field goals. That's the second-most in the NFL so far this season.

The Cowboys certainly aren't complaining, though, as Brandon Aubrey is one of just two NFL kickers right now to have made 100 percent of his field goal attempts, including an impressive 4-for-4 from 50 and beyond.