5 former Cowboys greats who could help the 2023 team

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
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1. Troy Aikman

A former No. 1 overall pick and the leader of the Cowboys dynasty of the 90s, Troy Aikman was everything Dallas needed to be successful.

His stats weren’t jaw-dropping, and he is not a guy you would throw up there with the most prolific passers in league history, but No. 8 was a vocal leader, could command the attention of teammates, stepped up in big moments, and an outstanding character. More importantly, all he did was win.

Aikman led Dallas to three Super Bowl titles and was MVP of Super Bowl XXVII. He posted an 11-4 playoff record, and posted 689 yards passing, 70% completion percentage, five touchdowns to just one interception, and a rating of 111.9 in the Super Bowl for his career.

While current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has shown he can get the Cowboys into the postseason, his recent postseason performances and overall lack of playoff success have made fans restless. 

With Aikman at the helm, fans can sleep at night knowing they have a quarterback who can deliver in the big moments. 


The Cowboys have a history at just about every position as a franchise. When thinking about a topic like this, fans can pick from a large pool of talent that represented America’s team and that can easily help the 2023 Cowboys take the next step.

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