5 former Cowboys greats who could help the 2023 team

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys are one month away from the start of training camp. As they head into the 2023 season, the Cowboys are optimistic that the 2023 edition of the franchise has all the help to make another run in hopes of ending their championship drought. 

What if Dallas could bring back a few players from the franchise's 64-year history to help the 2023 team reach the mountaintop? Who would the team bring back? Could these players thrive in today’s NFL?

I have selected five Cowboys that could help reach the final destination. The following players consist of hall of famers, team needs, and upgrades. 

5. Travis Fredrick 

Let’s start with a recent Cowboy. Dallas drafted Travis Fredrick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft out of Wisconsin. What seemed like a questionable pick at the time turned out to be one of their best draft picks ever. 

In his seven seasons as center and leader of the Cowboys' great offensive line of the last decade, Frederick was a three-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowl selection. Fredrick's ability to keep the pocket clean for former quarterback Tony Romo was even more impressive. 

During his career from 2013-2019, the former Badger allowed just six sacks and 17 hits, per Pro Football Focus. His durability was always displayed, with 96 games played and 96 starts, even after missing the 2018 season due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Frederick started every game in 2019.

Insert No. 72 on today’s offensive line and he would make Dak Prescott's life much easier. Of course, Prescott knows this all too well, being his former teammate for four seasons. However, more importantly, Fredrick would provide the leadership up front and, as he was before, would be the quarterback and anchor of the Cowboys' 2023 offensive line.