5 Cowboys who were bailed out in narrow win vs Seahawks

Which Dallas Cowboys were bailed out in a narrow win against the Seahawks?
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4. CeeDee Lamb, wide receiver

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb played a great game. He had 146 yards on 14 touches in this game, as well as a touchdown.

But he was also bailed out a little bit. And you could argue that he was bailed out by himself in some ways. Lamb had a couple of big dropped passes against the Seahawks that fortunately didn't cost the Cowboys a win. Late in the 3rd quarter, Lamb got open on 4th down and couldn't convert after a DaRon Bland interception due to a dropped pass.

This would have been a tough play as well, but the margin for error in the NFL sometimes requires players to make plays like this:

Again, this fortunately was not the difference between winning and losing the game, but this is a brilliant play by Prescott and Lamb has got to make that 13th catch.

5. Cowboys Pass Rush

An entire unit that needed to be bailed out in this game was the Dallas pass rush. We talked earlier about how Dan Quinn and DaRon Bland needed to be bailed out, but how about the Cowboys' pass rush getting bailed out by the Seahawks failing to block Micah Parsons -- of all people -- on the final play of the game?


Johnathan Hankins (of all folks) had Dallas' lone sack in this game and while sacks are not the only appropriate way to measure good pass rush, Geno Smith was carving the Cowboys up almost the entire game. The Cowboys' pass rush needs to get home more and they -- as a unit -- really got bailed out by a busted play from the Seahawks in this game.

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