5 Cowboys who were bailed out in narrow win vs Seahawks

Which Dallas Cowboys were bailed out in a narrow win against the Seahawks?
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The Dallas Cowboys did something on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks that had never been done before in the Pete Carroll era: They gave Seattle its first loss in a game in which they scored 35 or more points. The win against Seattle was really the "signature" win for Dallas this season, their first against a team with a winning record. Hilariously enough, the win against Seattle actually sent them to 6-6 on the season, so the Cowboys still don't have a win this season against a team that is currently above .500.

But that doesn't really matter all that much right now, does it? The Cowboys are currently 9-3, which would be good for first place in every other division in the NFL except their own. They were able to sneak away with a win against the Seahawks, but a number of players and coaches were really bailed out to get Dallas their ninth victory of the season.

Who was bailed out the most in this narrow win vs. Seattle?

1. DaRon Bland, CB

DaRon Bland giveth, DaRon Bland taketh away...

Well, most of this season, we've seen DaRon Bland taking the ball away, to be fair. He's now recorded an interception in four straight games and has eight interceptions on the season. Bland has picked off eight passes this year, and an NFL record five of them have been returned for touchdowns.

Bland's emergence as a ball hawk has really been perfect timing for the Cowboys with Trevon Diggs going down early in the year with a season-ending injury. But on Thursday night against the Seahawks, he was getting picked on.

The Seahawks had DaRon Bland out there looking like Ryan Gosling in Remember the Titans. He was getting "beat like he stole something". Yes, he picked off a Geno Smith pass, but Bland was giving up so many big plays in this game that you almost had to wonder if it was even the same guy out there.

Everybody has an off day at the office once in a while, but Bland needed to be bailed out in order for the Cowboys to win this one.