5 biggest swings the Cowboys could make at the WR position

What kinds of big swings could we see the Dallas Cowboys take at the wide receiver position?
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4. Sign Hunter Renfrow

Hunter Renfrow is a possession receiver from the slot and punt return specialist who could absolutely feast in this Dallas Cowboys offense.

For an offense that passes the ball at as high of a rate as Dallas, Renfrow could potentially reach his Pro Bowl status again in Dallas. We know the Cowboys desperately need another player to take on a chunk of the target share at wide receiver, and Renfrow is a guy who can catch a high percentage of throws coming his direction because of his ability to create separation.

He was alienated the last two years in Las Vegas by Josh McDaniels, but the Cowboys could resurrect his career.

5. Trade for Bengals WR Tee Higgins

This would be a costly move for the Cowboys, but a fun one as well.

Dallas has big deals to hand out coming up with Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons. But after this year, the Cowboys are projected to have over $80 million in cap space, and they will be able to structure all of those deals where they kick the cap hits down the road.

A trade for Tee Higgins wouldn't be impossible, especially if they could get the Bengals to trade him for Day 2 picks. If Dallas could keep its first-round pick for an offensive tackle and maybe trade their 2nd for Higgins, it might be worth taking that big swing.

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