4 unsung heroes from Cowboys thrilling TNF win vs Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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1. DeMarcus Lawrence, DE

DeMarcus Lawrence continues to be the most underrated defender in the NFL.

Many non-football purists discredit Lawrence for his lack of pass-rushing output. While he's been exceptional in that department this season -- and typically is most years -- he tallied a combined 15.5 sacks over the previous three years. Naturally, folks look at the stats and draw the conclusion that Lawrence isn't very impactful despite being paid handsomely.

In actuality, though, Lawrence is a top-five most important player on the Cowboys defense, if not higher and he proved it again on Thursday with a monstrous run stop on 4th and 1 that might have saved the game for Dallas.

Trailing 35-30 with 7:08 left in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys ran the risk of letting Seattle milk a lot of the remaining clock by allowing a first down. Given how pitiful Dallas' defense performed, you wouldn't have put it past Geno Smith to lead a potential scoring drive to go up two scores or eight points with a field goal.

Two possessions later, Dak Prescott led what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown drive. It doesn't happen without Lawrence.

Don't take Tank for granted.