4 teams Dak Prescott could leave the Cowboys for next offseason

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
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3. Denver Broncos

Sean Payton wasted no time kicking Russell Wilson to the curb, but the financial ramifications are historic. The Broncos will eat $39 million this season and take on $85 million in cumulative dead money between 2024 and 2025. It's the largest dead cap hit in league history.

Wilson's dead cap hit in 2025 will be $32 million. Though crippling, Denver doesn't have any other bad contracts on the books. In today's NFL, teams can navigate lofty cap hits and build a Super Bowl roster. If you can believe it, the Broncos are slated to have $93 million in cap space next year.

Another important factor here is Payton's motivation. The head coach did not appreciate Wilson's style of play and he might not have the patience to draft and develop a young quarterback. With the No. 12 overall pick, Denver isn't in a position to draft one of the top four guys. Do we really think Payton wants to reach on a player like Bo Nix, who's already 24 years old?

Joining an AFC West that already has Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert would be a drastic change for Prescott, who's owned the NFC East throughout his career. However, the Broncos weren't far off from making the playoffs last year with Wilson under center and Prescott would represent a major upgrade.