4 players who are likely playing their last games with the Cowboys

Which players could be playing their last games as members of the Dallas Cowboys?
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4. Jourdan Lewis, CB

While Stefon Gilmore has been pricing himself out of the Dallas Cowboys' range, I think Jourdan Lewis has created a bit of a need at the nickel cornerback spot for the Cowboys going forward.

Lewis has been with the Cowboys since 2017, and the former Michigan Wolverines star has undoubtedly had his share of great moments as a member of the Cowboys. This season, however, we haven't exactly seen the best of Jourdan Lewis in a Cowboys uniform.

In 10 games, he's been credited with just one pass defensed. He's allowed a QB rating into his coverage of 118.5 and that includes three touchdowns. He's allowed 15.9 yards per completion this season, which would be the worst of his career to this point.


Again, it seems like Lewis has created a need in the slot for the Dallas Cowboys, and his time with the team is just about up. The Cowboys could throw a low-ball offer out at Lewis to see if he would want to stick around at a discounted rate, but at this point, he may need a change of scenery in order to thrive again. It's not working out for him in Dallas these days.

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