4 former Cowboys players who failed with their new teams in 2023

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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2. RB Ezekiel Elliott (Patriots)

Like with Maher, the Cowboys made the obvious decision to move on from Ezekiel Elliott last offseason. He eventually signed with the Patriots for the veteran minimum. While Elliott put together some vintage Zeke games, the inefficiency that plagued him over his final two seasons in Dallas was on full display.

Healthy for all 17 games, Elliott rushed for 642 yards and three touchdowns on a career-low 3.5 yards per attempt. For what it's worth, he brought value in the passing game, catching 51 passes for 313 yards and two additional scores.

Elliott isn't fully to blame for his poor season. The Patriots offense was unwatchable and their quarterback play was arguably the worst in the NFL. It was clear to opposing defenses that New England wanted to win old-school: running the football and playing strong defense. Zeke was collateral damage of that plan.

It'll be interesting to see where Elliott lands next season. His numbers in 2023 were nothing to write home about, but he's still one of the best short-yardage specialists in the league and a tremendous presence in the locker room.