4 Cowboys who were exposed in Thanksgiving win vs Commanders

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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1. Brandon Aubrey

The honeymoon phase with Brandon Aubrey wasn't going to last forever. Heck, it might still be going if you grade on a curve. While Aubrey is still perfect on field goals this season, he's now missed two extra points in a five-day span after his second-quarter misfire against the Commanders.

That gives Aubrey three missed XPs on the season. Calling it a big deal would be a reach given Aubrey's field goal marksmanship, but it's undoubtedly a storyline; one Cowboys fans were hoping not to follow at all this year amid the kicker's exceptional start.

There was bound to be a bump in the road at some point, though. A former USFL standout for the Birmingham Stallions, Aubrey had never kicked in the NFL before 2023. The fact he hasn't experienced a hiccup until now is shocking.

That said, a missed point after on Thanksgiving with the entire country watching means he'll be graded under a microscope moving forward. The miss didn't come back to haunt the Cowboys on Thursday, but Aubrey might not be as lucky if he leaves points on the board now that the schedule gets more difficult.

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