4 Cowboys who are primed for breakout seasons in 2024

There a few Cowboys that could have sneakily big seasons in 2024
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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4. TE Peyton Hendershot

In 2022, Hendershot was the third-string tight end and was still effective. Hendershot caught almost every receiving target, averaged 11.3 yards per catch and hauled in two touchdowns. In 2023, his production dropped due to an injury that cut half of his season.

This year, it is likely that Hendershot will beat out Luke Schoomaker for the second-string role behind Jake Ferguson. Hendershot's toughness (much like Ferguson) is on-full display every time he is on the field.

He can be the true vertical-threat of the tight end group as most of his big gains, come from 15 yard routes over the middle or in the red-zone. His 6'5 size and positive route running and his solid hands will come in handy. Quarterback Dak Prescott might have another stud target to throw too this year.

Hendershot's downfall is his lack of leverage, poor blocking technique and improper positioning on the field. However, this can be improved with more playing time. Dallas will need all they can get from their skill-players to win games and Hendershot can be the one who improves the most.

Dallas will once again try and get over the hump in 2024 and getting great production from players you least expect it, is a big way to do that.

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