4 Cowboys who could lose their starting job during the 2024 NFL Draft

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys need to come away with multiple starters in the 2024 NFL Draft. That's the burden they put on themselves by not clearing the necessary cap space to replace starters and depth pieces that left in free agency.

That's not to say they could've replaced every player that signed elsewhere, but bypassing the opportunity to sign a wide receiver, defensive tackle and offensive linemen (tackle or center) is impossible to defend.

With so many holes to plug, we wouldn't rule out the Cowboys potentially trading down, whether it be in the first or second round, to nab an extra day two pick. Assuming Will McClay and the front office are aggressive in trying to get "their guys," a handful of currently Dallas starters could lose their job by the end of draft weekend.

4. LB Damone Clark

It's encouraging for Damone Clark's outlook that Markquese Bell is moving back to safety under defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. What isn't encouraging for Clark, however, is the sheer number of linebackers the Cowboys hosted for 30 visits at The Star.

Among that group, Texas A&M's Edgerrin Cooper, NC State's Payton Wilson and Kentucky's Trevin Wallace all could be in contention for Dallas in the second round. Meanwhile, Michigan's Junior Colson is a potential third-round pick. Don't sleep on Jordan Magee out of Temple, either. The former Owl had a formal meeting with the Cowboys at the combine and was in town for a 30 visit.

Clark has the upper hand on all of those prospects thanks to his experience, but his job is less secure after Dallas signed Eric Kendricks to run Zimmer's scheme. At this rate, it'd be an upset if the team doesn't nab a linebacker in the first three rounds. That could be a bad omen for Clark after a down year two.

If that happens, Clark's seat will be lukewarm after his