4 Cowboys on the hot seat entering 2024 free agency

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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3. WR Jalen Tolbert

By the time this is published, the Cowboys might have already released (or traded) Michael Gallup. The former is far more likely, however, as no team would be crazy enough to inherit Gallup's contract when they could sign him for a fraction of the price once he's released.

Either way, Gallup's inevitable departure could thrust Jalen Tolbert in to the spotlight. The WR3 position would be there for the taking. As Dallas roster is presently constituted, Tolbert is the presumptive favorite to win the job. But what exactly has he done to warrant being WR?

While Tolbert made some big plays in 2023, he finished the year with 22 catches for 268 yards and two touchdowns. Granted, he played behind Michael Gallup for the first eight or so games, but does that scream WR3 production to you?

Tolbert finished near the bottom of the league in separation rate and only managed 1.3 yards after the catch per reception. It's unclear how high the Cowboys are on Tolbert, but wide receiver will be a glaring need once Gallup departs. It wouldn't surprise us if Dallas takes a look at the second-tier free agent receivers.