4 Cowboys who could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft

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The Dallas Cowboys are hoping to put the finishing touches on their roster in the 2023 NFL Draft. If the team drafts like it did last year when they netted five impact players, including first round gem Tyler Smith, this already-loaded roster will be considered among the best in the league.

Of course, adding more talent to the roster is bad news for players who entered the offseason on the proverbial hot seat.

The Cowboys are allowed to carry 90 players on the roster through training camp, but it wouldn't be shocking if one of these players got the axe post-draft, whether it be due to poor performance or salary cap purposes, or both.

4 Cowboys who could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft

4. Josh Ball, OT

Cutting offensive linemen is a tricky game given the turnover the unit experiences each season due to injuries, but Ball has done little to warrant keeping his spot on the team. In fact, Ball had a prime chance last year to announce himself as Dallas' swing tackle, but he blew it with a shoddy preseason showing.

Playing against backups, Ball looked out of his depth at right tackle. Following Tyron Smith's torn hamstring, the Cowboys felt they couldn't trust the 2021 fourth-round pick and quickly pivoted to a 40-year-old Jason Peters.

Peters admittedly was a great pickup, but it further underlined Ball's murky future with the organization. With Peters out the door, the Cowboys signed Chuma Edoga, who has experience at tackle and guard, for added depth.

If Dallas is serious about converting Terence Steele to a swing tackle -- we'll believe it when we see it -- or simply drafts a Steve Avila or another linemen before Day 3 -- Ball will officially be on the chopping block.