4 Cowboys coaching candidates who'd be better hires than Bill Belichick

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2. Mike Vrabel, former Titans HC

There's nothing Jerry Jones loves more than a headline-grabbing move and hiring Mike Vrabel after his stunning Titans departure would meet the criteria. Simply put, Vrabel has been one of the NFL's best head coaches since Tennessee hired him in 2018.

Vrabel would be a significant upgrade to Mike McCarthy. He owns a 54-45 record as head coach, including three playoff appearances. Like Harbaugh, Vrabel has never had top-tier QB play. He passes the test in terms of game and clock management and he's undoubtedly an elite leader of men.

You know how the Cowboys quit on Sunday and often look overwhelmed at the first sight of adversity? That wouldn't happen with Vrabel, who understands what it takes to win on a big stage, both as a coach and former player who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots.

The Titans had losing seasons in 2022 and 2023, but Vrabel kept them competitive despite being handed a poor roster. They consistently punched above their weight class with Vrabel on the sidelines. In Dallas, Vrabel would have a strong roster and a top talent evaluator in VP of Player Personnel Will McClay.