4 burning questions Cowboys face this offseason after retaining Mike McCarthy

So...what's next for the Dallas Cowboys?
Dallas Cowboys
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4. Who is going to be the defensive coordinator?

Perhaps Jerry Jones didn't want anything but a "yes man" in the building. That might be a harsh way to describe McCarthy, but do you really think a coach like Bill Belichick would have meshed with Jerry Jones? It might have been unrealistic from the start.

So what's going to happen defensively for the Cowboys now? Dan Quinn is once again a highly sought after coach on the open market, which means the Cowboys would be looking for replacements on that side of the ball. Or maybe Quinn will shock us all and come back to Dallas again...

This feels like almost as big of a question as what would have happened had the Cowboys fired Mike McCarthy himself. They now potentially have to move forward with a bunch of personnel that were basically hand-picked for Quinn's defense -- a lot of which might follow him in free agency if he leaves -- and try to make it work with someone else.

It's pretty wild to think that the Cowboys passed on the possibility of going after Sean Payton last year and Bill Belichick this year (among others). If Jerry Jones isn't willing to fire McCarthy for one of those guys, especially after some incredibly disappointing finishes the last handful of seasons, what will be the straw to break the camel's back?

It's shaping up to be a fascinating offseason in Dallas, indeed.