3 wide receivers the Cowboys could draft to replace Michael Gallup

Dallas loves fire-power on offense so Gallup's missing void is likely to be filled during the draft. Luckily, the WR class is stout in 2024
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3. Ricky Pearsall, Florida

If you want a dependable wide receiver with incredible hands, look no further than Florida's Ricky Pearsall. The fifth-year senior is a magician in the slot as his game mirrors the likes of current NFL receiver Adam Thielen. Pearsall doesn't project as a great vertical threat, but his ability to get open over the middle is a great substitute for his lack of vertical effectiveness.

With Prescott beginning to age, he will not be taking many more chances during games. Instead, he needs guys he can count on to make the timely catch and a guy who can be there on a broken play and move the ball. With Pearsall in Dallas, you get a player with a high football IQ and someone who knows the correct ways to hurt a defense.

Pearsall is not the biggest WR, 6'0 and 188 pounds. But he knows where to catch the ball and he trusts his hands to where his size does not matter. He has the athleticism (not on the level of the ones mentioned) but he does not use it to his advantage like most receivers. He is a fundamentally-sound player who does the right things for a team. Pearsall in Dallas is a match made in heaven.

This teams "all-in" approach has seemingly not gone the way many expected. But when you get down to it, building a team starts in the NFL draft and scouting young talent, more so then winning in free-agency. Dallas wants to get back to prominence in a different way.

Getting good depth at wide-receiver would be a step in the right direction and this year would be the draft class to do it.

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