3 trade ideas Cowboys should consider with plummeting Broncos

Could the Dallas Cowboys strike a trade with the Denver Broncos?
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3. Ask about a couple of other offensive pieces

The Denver Broncos seem to be in somewhat of a weird place with young tight end Greg Dulcich right now, so perhaps that's an avenue worth going down if you're the Dallas Cowboys. Dulcich, when healthy, is a pretty solid difference-maker in the passing game.

Unfortunately, good health has been hard for the former third-round pick to come by. He's been dealing with hamstring issues since his rookie minicamp. But perhaps the Cowboys could have some better luck with him in their building, who knows?

Why would the Broncos trade Dulcich? Well, he's listed behind Adam Trautman on their depth chart and they like their group of tight ends including Chris Manhertz and Nate Adkins. For the right price, Denver might be willing to part with him and Dallas would get an interesting weapon in the passing game.


Another player that could be worth inquiring about is running back Javonte Williams. Williams is under contract for 2023 and 2024 and would give the Cowboys a nice fallback plan if they can't get a contract done with Tony Pollard. In the meantime, he would be a great complement to Pollard with his physical style of play, especially in light of the injury to Rico Dowdle.

Williams is also excellent as a receiver and pass blocker. The Broncos would likely have to be in full-on tank mode to trade Williams with just Samaje Perine and Jaleel McLaughlin on the roster at running back, but for the right price, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

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