3 studs the Cowboys clearly should've drafted over Luke Schoonmaker

Which players should the Dallas Cowboys have drafted instead of Luke Schoonmaker?
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2. Tank Dell, WR (Texans)

Just 11 picks after the Dallas Cowboys made Luke Schoonmaker the 58th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans made Houston wide receiver Tank Dell the 69th overall selection.

And that has turned out to be a very nice pick for the Houston Texans, indeed.

Tank Dell has been outstanding for the Texans in his rookie season, emerging as CJ Stroud's no. 1 receiver with 42 receptions for 659 yards (15.7 average), and 6 TDs. That type of production wasn't unheard of from Dell, who was right in the Cowboys' backyard obviously and was a high-volume type of receiver at Houston the last two seasons he was there.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys either didn't like this draft class enough at receiver or they wrongfully thought they were going to be set at the position. Tank Dell looks like he's going to easily break the 1,000-yard mark as a rookie for Houston and he's getting the job done week after week, which you obviously don't see often from a rookie.

Although CJ Stroud is running away with Rookie of the Year, Tank Dell has obviously made a pretty strong case himself. And he was right under the Cowboys' nose all this time.

Unfortuately, Dallas did not have the wit to see it.