3 struggling Cowboys starters who could be replaced after the bye

Which Dallas Cowboys players could end up being replaced at the bye week?
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3. Michael Gallup, wide receiver

If there's any move that's past due for the Dallas Cowboys, it's throwing in the towel on Michael Gallup. With all due respect to Gallup, the Cowboys' faith in him was always misplaced. The team's decision to trade Amari Cooper might be the ultimate difference between this team being a legitimate contender in the NFC and prepping for another early exit in January.

I with that were hyperbole, but it's probably not. The Cowboys decided to pay Gallup and trade Cooper, which turned into the team feeling like they had to trade for Brandin Cooks in the 2023 offseason.

Gallup is second on the Cowboys with 32 targets, but he has just 18 receptions and barely over 200 yards. He hasn't scored a touchdown yet this season, and only eight of his 18 catches have gone for first downs. When you think about that rate of success, it's almost mind-boggling.

The Cowboys need to find ways to phase Gallup out of the gameplan. They might even have to do something as drastic as cutting him to get him a change of scenery. While that doesn't feel overly likely, I don't think it would be shocking if the Cowboys ramp up the snaps for Brandin Cooks and make Gallup much more of a role player than force-feed him as the WR2.


At this point, that's simply not the guy he is.

Dallas needs to find a bargain-friendly wide receiver trade before the NFL Trade Deadline as well, but throwing in the towel on Michael Gallup as a starter is also something this team needs to do yesterday.

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