3 intriguing roster cuts the Dallas Cowboys should pursue on waivers

Should the Dallas Cowboys be active on the 2023 waiver wire after roster cuts? We look at some intriguing options to consider...
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3. Albert Okwuegbunam, TE

The Denver Broncos made somewhat of a surprising decision to waive Albert Okwuegbunam on Tuesday after a dazzling preseason finale, and the Dallas Cowboys might be the perfect potential fit for him on waivers. Of course, a number of other teams might be interested in adding him via waivers after what we saw in the final week of preseason games...

Even with the Cowboys drafting Luke Schoonmaker in 2023, a player like Okwuegbunam with tremendous athletic ability, speed, size, and improved hands could be a big-time weapon for this Dallas offense.

There will be a lot of competition for him, but Dallas should put in a claim.


Denver Broncos fans are furious that the team cut Okwuegbunam, who showed a lot of promise in his first two NFL seasons (despite suffering an injury in his rookie year) but was put in Nathaniel Hackett's proverbial "doghouse" in 2022. After Hackett was fired, Okwuegbunam immediately got back on the field and had an impact in the passing game.

He will be an intriguing candidate for teams on the waiver wire and certainly worth a claim for the Cowboys.

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