3 reasons why the Cowboys should bring Tony Pollard back in 2024

After not being franchise-tagged on Monday, Pollard's future with Dallas is up in the air, but are positives if he was to re-sign.

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3. Pollard's teammates are behind him

Pollard is well-liked in Dallas' locker room. Players respect his play and attitude and praise him as a teammate. Since Pollard was drafted by the Cowboys five years ago, his teammates have had good things to say about him.

All-Pro pass rusher Micah Parsons recently spoke on Pollard's importance to the Cowboys and voiced his opinion on Pollard's future with the team.

"I would say toward the end of the season Tony Pollard was catching his rhythm again. I do think he's an every-down guy. You've got to think, he broke his fibula, tibia, something, that's a catastrophic injury. You're talking about a guy that's really been off from that January, came back Week 1 but he didn't really do a lot. It takes a while to get back into football. He didn't do OTAs. He didn't do minicamp. He kind of did camp a little bit like working through it, getting back into it. You saw him increase, like he even said, 'I'm just now getting back to myself.' I would give Tony Pollard another shot."

Other prominent Cowboys figures including Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and the coaching staff and have all voiced their support of Pollard. That should send a clear message to Jerry Jones and the front office. You have to think Pollard will be a sought-after free agent if he's not re-signed.

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