3 reasons why the Cowboys should bring Tony Pollard back in 2024

After not being franchise-tagged on Monday, Pollard's future with Dallas is up in the air, but are positives if he was to re-sign.
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For the past month and a half, Tony Pollard is the most talked about name within the Dallas Cowboys organization. Outside of Mike Zimmer replacing Dan Quinn, chatter about Pollards' future have dominated the Cowboys news cycle.

On Monday, Dallas decided to not franchise tag Pollard for a second straight offseason. The tag was valued at a lofty $12.1 million, but he will now test free agency in March. However, that doesn't mean he won't return to the Cowboys.

Over the last two decades, the Cowboys have always had solid play at the running back position. The late Marion Barber, Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray, Ezekiel Elliott and now Pollard have all led the backfield during Dallas' winning years. They have 10 or more wins in eight seasons during that span.

In 2023, Pollard rushed for 1,006 yards and six touchdowns. This is a respectable stat-line for any running back, but Pollard's production decreased significantly despite more volume. Whether he was overshadowed by Dak Prescott's near-MVP season or struggled coming back from injury, Pollard did not meet expectations.

Yet, if the Cowboys strikeout on a big-name RB, retaining Pollard would be a fine, if not better, alternative or silver lining. With that in mind, here are three reasons why Dallas should bring Pollard back for the 2024 season.

1. The offense and Pollard wouldn't have to change much

Unlike the defensive staff, the Cowboys' offensive coaching staff so far looks nearly identical of the one they had to end the year. Therefore, you cannot expect much of the offensive gameplan to change going into 2024.

Dallas had one of the top offenses' in the NFL last year and whether Mike McCarthy wants to claim "conservative" as a play-caller or not, with 2024 being a prove-it year for himself, he will swing for the fences every Sunday. That means Pollard could be used more freely for him to try and find space.

If Dallas was to re-sign Pollard, not much of the running game-plan would have to change. McCarthy knows already how to use Pollard to his strengths and baring any major changes, Pollard will be running behind the same offensive line, with potentially improved play at center.

If a new RB comes in having to learn a new offense, there's no telling how long it might take before they get going. The Cowboys can't afford to waste any time this year. McCarthy could put Pollard in the same positions that he did in the back half of last season that saw him start to be effective. This offense can start right where it left off and continue to improve week-to-week, Pollard included.