3 reasons the Cowboys will win NFC East in 2023, and 2 they won’t

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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2. Reason Cowboys won't win NFC East: They get too fancy along the offensive line

Much like the Cowboys pass rush, if their offensive line isn't effective then they are going to struggle winning the NFC East.

The biggest reason this could happen is if the team gets too fancy with their lineup, they need to focus on putting the best group on the field and that begins in training camp. They can tinker a little bit -- all teams do -- but overall this group will need as much time together as possible, especially on the left side of the line after Tyron Smith missed most of last season.

The Cowboys need to give whoever they decide will start at left guard the time to get comfortable with his left tackle and center pass offs and combination blocks. They also need to make sure that Terence Steele is completely healthy and ready to go before letting him step foot on the field.

If that means sliding Tyron Smith over there until he's ready then do it. This coaching staff is already dealing with the installation of a new scheme, they can't be worried about the people responsible for blocking

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