3 reasons the Cowboys will win NFC East in 2023, and 2 they won’t

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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3. Reason Cowboys will win NFC East: Mike McCarthy and Brian Schottenheimer are in sync

The time of Kellen Moore as the Cowboys offensive coordinator is finally over and with uncertainty looming around what the Texas Coast offense will look like under Mike McCarthy, we can't help but wonder if his philosophy and Brian Schottenheimer's with mesh well together.

We already saw what happens when you have two offensive-minded coaches try to meld their ideas together, and that ended with them at odds with each other during Moore's tenure. That experiment ended with Moore leaving and landing with the Chargers.

Both were fundamentally at odds with each other from the outset of their pairing, but with McCarthy and Schottenheimer, they seemingly are more in sync on what they want to see from their offense on the field.

Both want to establish the running game early in order to use play-action, both shy away from routes that require receivers to open up toward the quarterback and instead want to hit receivers while they are on the move. That's a nice starting point as they install a new offense that they hope is better suited to help the entire offense and give Prescott the best chance to succeed in 2023.