3 reasons the Cowboys will beat the 49ers (and 2 they won't)

Can the Dallas Cowboys go on the road and get a win vs. the 49ers?
Dallas Cowboys
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Dallas Cowboys will LOSE because they don't have players in the secondary to keep up

The loss of Trevon Diggs is obviously a big one over the long haul of this season for the Dallas Cowboys, but how are they going to keep up with all of the weapons in this San Francisco offense? Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Christian McCaffrey...Even secondary players like Jauan Jennings, Ronnie Bell, and Kyle Jusczyck can hurt you when the 49ers bring them on the field.

Do the Cowboys have the dawgs in the secondary to keep up with this kind of firepower? It's going to really put a lot of pressure on that pass rush to make sure Brock Purdy has to not only get the ball out quickly, but they need to affect and impact his timing and accuracy to increase the room for error for the Dallas defensive backs.

Dallas Cowboys will WIN if...they can get right in the Red Zone

The Dallas Cowboys rank 30th in the NFL so far this season, converting just under 37 percent of their red zone attempts offensively into touchdowns. That's kind of a staggering fact when you consider that Dallas has score the 4th-most points in the NFL so far this season, and ranks 1st in plays and time of possession per drive.


The 49ers rank 23rd in the NFL this season in red zone defense, so perhaps there is a weakness the Cowboys can exploit...if they can get right in the red zone. If Dallas can find a way to finish those long drives with touchdowns, they've got a great chance of winning in Santa Clara this coming weekend and getting to 4-1.

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