3 reasons to be optimistic about the Dallas Cowboys in 2024

After a disappointing end to the 2024 playoffs, Dallas Cowboys fans need something to look forward to. Here are three.
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1. Offensive Line Fountain of Youth

It was tough to see two starting offensive linemen, Tyron Smith and Tyler Biadasz, walk away in free agency. As expected, it left doubt in the mind of Cowboys Nation, especially since the openings at left tackle and center were left open heading into the draft.

While putting faith in rookies stepping up in their first year is not usually ideal, the Cowboys' front office has proved exceptional at targeting offensive linemen. Since 2011, six of eight of the offensive linemen the Cowboys have drafted in the top four rounds became starters, with four becoming All-Pros.

The track record of offensive linemen at least playing at a starter level is incredible. Had this been any other team, there would be significant reason for concern. Things are different in Dallas.

Tyler Guyton has a lot of work to do to become a reliable day-one left tackle. Similar concerns were brought up with current All-Pro left guard, Tyler Smith. The athletic ability tied together with solid production and the blessing of the best offensive line developing team should see Guyton at least play solid.

The Oklahoma product put in work not long after getting drafted to prepare for his first year in the NFL. That's the type of work ethic that can turn an "athletic project" into a reliable day-one starter while optimizing his upside.

Cooper Beebe is regarded by some as the steal of the draft. He is versatile to play any position on the line and was one of the best linemen in the country last year. While center is not a position that the Kansas State product has experience playing, it should be a smooth transition from his 28 starts at guard.

His transition is not expected to be a problem. Instead, the back-to-back Big 12 Offensive Lineman of The Year should be a force in the run game, and sturdy when blocking for Dak. It also helps that he will be between two All-Pro guards, Tyler Smith and Zack Martin.

If Guyton and Beebe start come Week 1, then the average age of the Cowboys' offensive line will be just under 26. That includes 33-year-old Zack Martin. A line that can grow together under the guidance of one of the best offensive guards in NFL history means a bright future in Dallas.

There are good things to look forward to in 2024. A highly competitive team with a rejuvenated offensive line and three of the best players at their respective positions will make for an exciting season. Whether that'll be enough to win a Lombardi trophy is still a serious question.

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