3 potential landing spots for Cowboys RB Tony Pollard in 2024

Where will Cowboys RB Tony Pollard end up playing in 2024?
Dallas Cowboys, Tony Pollard
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3. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are typically not the most active NFL team when it comes to free agency. General manager Brian Gutekunst likes to build his roster through the NFL Draft, and even if you see the occasional splash in free agency from the Packers, those types of moves are few and far between.

But there could be an interesting option here for Tony Pollard. They're not the same player by any means, but the Packers were rumored to be heavily interested in trading for Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, who ended up not getting traded and then signing a huge contract with the Colts.

The Packers have Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon currently under contract, but Dillon is a free agent in 2024 and Jones has the potential to be one of the team's more notable cap casualties with a pending cap hit in 2024 of over $17 million. And Jones has not been nearly as available as the Packers have needed him to be in 2023 (and their running game has suffered).


With that in mind, I think we could see the Packers as players in the running back market, especially when you consider how crucial a strong running game is for the success and growth of a young QB like Jordan Love. With Tony Pollard's big-play ability and versatility, don't be shocked to see a team like Green Bay do something a little unconventional and go after him in free agency. It could be a great fit for them.

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