3 players Cowboys must make room for on 53-man roster after preseason

Which players do the Dallas Cowboys need to make room for on the 53-man roster after the preseason?
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3. Hunter Luepke, running back/fullback/weapon

When the Dallas Cowboys let go of Kellen Moore this offseason and Mike McCarthy took over as the primary offensive play-caller, you had to expect on some level that the fullback position could be coming back into the fold in a bigger way.

This was a hallmark of McCarthy's offenses with the Green Bay Packers where John Kuhn became a fan-favorite through the years. Especially given the fact that Luepke has positional versatility and can tote the rock as a traditional running back, I think Dallas needs to find a way to keep this guy on their 53-man roster.

Teams around the NFL are absolutely going to be drooling over a chance to get a guy like this off of waivers. If the Cowboys were hoping to sneak him onto the practice squad, they didn't help their case by showcasing him in that final preseason game.

Perhaps that showcase was more for their own benefit than anything else. Maybe they just wanted to make sure that they knew they could trust Luepke with in-game situations like this. Whatever the case, their odds of getting him back on the practice squad probably diminished significantly after the team's final preseason game against the Raiders.


The Cowboys, like many other NFL teams, have difficult decisions ahead of them regarding the roster. They have a lot of established players on the roster already, but young players have done their part to step up and give Dallas some "good" problems with very difficult decisions. It will be tough to pull all the right strings here, but these three guys look like they would be part of the "best" possible 53 for Dallas heading into 2023.

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