3 overreactions from stunning Cowboys loss that fans shouldn't waste time on

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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1. Defense can't be elite without Trevon Diggs

Don't get it twisted: Dallas absolutely missed Diggs on Sunday.

Both DaRon Bland and Stephon Gilmore took their lumps in coverage, and the former committed a big pass interference penalty. A turnover machine to start the season, it's not crazy to think Diggs would have stepped up with a game-changing play. But the idea that the defense will struggle to this extent without Diggs is lunacy.

Ultimately, Diggs' absence isn't to blame for the toothless effort defending the run. The defense allowed 222 rushing yards on 7.4 yards per carry. Not only did the Cardinals march down the field using the run, but they also gashed the Cowboys for carries of 45, 44 and 26. The 45-yarder went for a touchdown.

Additionally, Diggs absence isn't to blame for the blown coverage that preluded Arizona's gut-punch fourth quarter touchdown with seven minutes left that made the score 28-16.

The defense has to answer some tough questions, but the Cowboys don't win this game if Diggs started at cornerback. Dan Quinn's unit has more than enough talent to be elite without Diggs. One lousy performance doesn't change that.

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