3 offseason moves from NFC East rivals that should terrify Cowboys fans

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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The NFL offseason has hit the quiet stages. It is draft month and teams are doing their homework on deciding who to select later this month. For the Dallas Cowboys this draft just got more important as the team has many holes to fill based on what has transpired so far during free agency.

So far, the Cowboys have only made one outside signing in linebacker Eric Kendricks. They have brought back a few players of their own but have seen other teams pluck away their talent. The Commanders, Giants and Eagles meanwhile have been very busy since the new league year began. All three teams have made their fair share of moves to try to snatch the division title away from the Cowboys next season.

With the way this offseason has been for Dallas and their fans, there is growing concern next season will be more difficult for the Cowboys. The talent is still there at key positions but every other team in the NFC East has made big splashes. They are actively trying to improve faster to set themselves up for success in 2024. The Cowboys meanwhile are not spending and may suffer because of it.

1. Philadelphia Eagles signing Saquon Barkley

The Eagles understand the arms race of improving yourself and also weakening your division foe. Philadelphia signed former Giant running back Saquon Barkley right at the beginning of free agency. The move greatly enhances a running game to help run a balanced offense around Jalen Hurts.

Barkley has missed several games throughout his career so far, but is still in his prime. The 2022 season marked his best as a Giant with over 1,300 rushing yards. His statistics diminished last season but the Eagles have a back that can be an every down guy. This is something Dallas could have used but decided to let the biggest threat to their division title grab him instead.

With Barkley staying in the division the Cowboys will see him just as much as before. While Barkley was often hurt during the times Dallas played New York, he was still dangerous when he did face them. The Giants have entered into a rebuilding project for their offense in some ways but the Eagles are in win now mode. They also have a better offensive line, quarterback and receivers.

Philadelphia signing Barkley is a clear indication they are looking to reclaim their spot as the top team in the division after falling off last year. With all the departures on defense and questions surrounding what they will do in the draft, fans have the right to be concerned if Dallas can compete with the Eagles in 2024 now that they have a true starting running back.