3 important (and encouraging) Cowboys trends entering Week 3 of NFL season

New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
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3. CeeDee Lamb's scorching start to the season

Lamb has been on an absolute tear this season. Despite the Cowboys low pass rate, Lamb is in the top-10 in both receptions and receiving yards. Averaging 110 yards per game, he’s on pace for a top-5 all-time finish.

His target share on Cowboys is likely to be unsustainable but so are Dallas’ paltry passing numbers. The Cowboys’ early down pass rate is at the bottom of the league. Playing with such big leads has made the offense considerably more conservative than they’d normally be.

Games won’t all be blowouts like the first two weeks so more early down passes are expected in coming matchups. That's were Lamb should really see opportunities open up downfield.

Lamb has almost single handedly kept the passing game afloat. No other player on the Cowboys has even hit 50 yards receiving this season. Gallup has been held to 13 yards and Cooks held to just 22 yards. This passing offense has flowed through Lamb and Lamb has thrived.

The Cowboys offense is multidimensional and can win a number of different ways. If the defense packs the box to stop the run the Cowboys can pass downfield. If they pack the secondary Dallas can run it. The deep roster allows them to adjust to what the defense gives them.

But Lamb is a player who can produce even when the defense is focused on him. He’s the closest thing to unstoppable the Cowboys have on offense and that’s often what separates the winners from the losers in the postseason.

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